Khartoum Refinery

To The Twenty First century

Project management consultancy for Khartoum Refinery Company (jvc between the Sudanese govt and China National Petroluen Company CNPC).
from design to project management and commissioning.

This 100000 B/D ultra – modern refinery was expanded from 50000 B/D. The expanded refinery processed one the world’s toughest crude oils from Sudan Block 6 crude containing the world’s highest TAN crude oil as well as the highest metal contents. The units involved in the expansion were:

  •  2 X 1.000.000 T/Y Delayed Coking Units.
  •  400000 T/Y Continuous Catalytic Reforming Unit.
  •  1200000 T/Y Hydrotreating Unit for Gasoline and Diesel.
  •  Upgrading RFCC unit to 1800000 T/Y.
  •  New Central Control room with DCS.
  •  New Power Station (30 MW).
  •  New Tankage, off sites and utilities.


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