Upstream & Downstream

FROM THE MID 1970s…….

  • In the 1970s Abdulhay Zalloum Incorporated Zalloum& Associates International Co in London, then  in Amman, Panama and  Bahrain.
  • Z & A first major assignment was with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ADNOC during its formative years.


This included:

  • Creating the organization of ADNOC's first refinery for local consumption at Umm Alnar including the creation of the job descriptions, systems and procedures and recruitment of personal as well as commissioning and monitoring operations the first three years.
  • Enlarging the refinery organization to incorporate the LPG facilities at al Maqta and the crude pipelines from Habshan to refinery plus the gas pipelines for power generation.
  • The creation of the Refining, Processing and Transport Directorate
  • The conceptual design and ITB for the 120000 barrel/day Ruwais refinery.


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